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Fydelity's Premium Fabric Face Coverings come in a wide variety of provocative designs, trendy fashion prints and basic colors. Be a part of the solution, Cover-Up, stay safe and #Make a Statement!

Fydelity's Premium Fabric Face Coverings provide the physical separation you need while offering the comfort necessary to be worn all day. Fydelity's Premium Fabric Face Coverings are made with a double layer of soft, lightweight "Ice Silk" fabric.  Used in active sportswear, Ice Silk is a breathable moisture-wicking material, making it comfortable for extended wear at work or school, in warm weather or during physical activity. Fydelity's Premium Fabric Face Coverings are perfect for wearing all day Pencil both indoors and out. 

Fydelity's Premium Fabric Face Coverings feature adjustable ear straps enabling optimal comfort while being one size fits most all. They have an adjustable form-fitting nose bridge for enhanced barrier protection while helping prevent your glasses from fogging up. They are hand washable in cold water and need to be hung to dry.

Stay safe and make a statement!

- made of a double layer of “Ice Silk” fabric
- soft on your skin
- very comfortable to wear for extended periods
- lightweight, breathable 
- moisture-wicking for warm weather or physical activity
- adjustable nose bridge (prevents your glasses from fogging)
- adjustable ear straps
- one size fits most all 
- hand washable


Disclaimer: This covering is not intended for use in a medical, hazmat setting or any high-risk environments. This covering acts as a physical barrier only and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SPECIAL FILTERS.

Customer Reviews

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Terry C.

I love this mask right out of the package, but the very first washing causes the black layer to bleed ink onto the white layers, creating a somewhat dingy look, instead of the crisp white I was excited for.

That said, the comfort, wearability, and customizable fit make Fydelity masks the best I've worn. We have a nearly dozen of them around the house for our family. The kids love the styles. We all love the fit and feel. And I love the fact that they don't fog up my glasses!

I'll just steer toward the darker masks to minimize the disappointment from the bleed.