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Retro Cassette Mixtape Wallet Decorative Stickers
Elevate your Fydelity Retro Cassette Mixtape Wallet with our exclusive decorative stickers! 🎨✨


  • Stylized Fabric Stickers:🎟️
    Two unique, stylized fabric stickers designed to add a personalized touch to your mixtape wallet.

  • Reusable, No Waste Package: ♻️
    The packaging is thoughtfully designed to be reused as a card or ID case, promoting sustainability.

  • Versatile Usage: 👜
    These stickers can also be used as decorative tags for your bag or luggage, adding flair wherever you go.

  • Printed Clear Case: 🌟
    High-quality, printed clear case with a detachable ball chain hanger for easy attachment and removal.

Make A Mixtape Wallet Custom Stickers
Remember—Hold onto the memories. 📼

Recall the thrill of your first mixtape? That special feeling when someone crafted a soundtrack just for you? Pass it forward and create a new mixtape loaded with future joy. Customize your Fydelity Retro Cassette Mixtape Wallet with our dope sticker sets, featuring two stylized fabric stickers. Get creative—decorate the wallet, design your own J-card, and give it a catchy title. Drop a track list, poem, or whatever personal touches you vibe with. Amp up the nostalgia by adding a cool gift inside and share that special moment with someone close.

Comes with two die-cut adhesive-backed decorative stickers to personalize your Mixtape Wallet. The stickers come in a package that is reusable, with 3 pockets—2 for the stickers and a center third pocket that can be used as a card or ID case. The package has a classic cassette tape printed on clear vinyl with a detachable ball chain hanger. These versatile package and stickers can also be used as decorative tags for your bag or luggage.

Each Mixtape Wallet is more than just a wallet; it’s a portable archive of memories and fun. 🎁

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Fescina
Cute, but not exactly what I expected

I bought this as a retro type gift for my friend. It is shown as a yellow color in the picture, but when it came in, it is more of a gold. I would not have ordered it if I'd known it was gold. The label wallet is a bit misleading, as it's nothing more than a luggage hang tag with a spot for a couple of cards. You can even see the cards through the holes in the cassette tape. Keep looking for a different item guys.