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Retro Cassette Mixtape Wallet
Holds more than memories… 


Old Skool Style:
Chrome-plated or matte colored cassette tape design, adorably cute and packed with nostalgic charm.

Nostalgic Vibes: 🌟
Takes you back to the mixtape era, making every day feel like a retro party.

Conversation Starter: 🗣️
This wallet doesn’t just hold your essentials—it sparks chats and garners compliments wherever you go.

Genuine Audio Cassette Parts: 🎞️
Crafted from real cassette components for that authentic retro feel.

Boombox Puller: 📻
Features a funky boombox-style zipper puller for extra flair.

Quirky Zipper: 🔄
Easy-to-use zipper that ensures everything stays secure while adding a quirky touch.

Vegan Leather:
High-quality, cruelty-free material for the eco-conscious.

Compact Size: ✨
Perfectly sized to fit in pockets or small bags, ideal for cash, cards, and other small essentials.Lightweight and Portable: 👜
Easy to carry, fits comfortably in pockets and small bags.

Dimensions: 📏
4" x 2.5" x 1.5" (10.5cm x 6.5cm x 4cm).

Make A Mixtape: 🎨
Add a custom sticker set for personalization. Decorate it, design your own J-card, and add a unique title. Perfect for gifting, it includes a clear Norelco-inspired gift box. (Stickers Sold Separately)


Don’t Just Reminisce—Fast Forward to Fun! 🚀 Unzip your style with Fydelity’s Mixtape Wallet, the most adorably cute 😻 and compact accessory infused with retro vibes. Made from genuine audio cassette tape parts, this wallet features a quirky zipper, a boombox puller, and vegan leather. It seamlessly blends functionality with a playlist of memories and dreams. Just like a classic cassette, this wallet is exclusive in size but packed with charm. Rewind to the eras when quality triumphed over quantity. With just enough space for your essentials, this wallet comes fully loaded with compliments and fun-loving good vibes.  😎

Carry more than cash 💵; this isn’t just a wallet—it’s a time machine. ⏳ It rewinds, fast forwards, records, and pauses, taking you to places you’ll ache to go again. Boost your self-worth with life’s essentials: a mixtape to style your tomorrow, share your yesterday, and compliment your today.
💰Cash💰 in on the compliments. 💬


Make A Mixtape Wallet Custom Stickers
Remember—Hold onto the memories.

📼 Recall the thrill of your first mixtape? That special feeling when someone crafted a soundtrack just for you? Pass it forward and create a new mixtape loaded with future joy. Customize your Fydelity Retro Cassette Mixtape Wallet with our dope sticker sets. Get creative—decorate the wallet, design your own J-card, and give it a catchy title. Drop a track list, poem, or whatever personal touches you vibe with. Amp up the nostalgia by adding a cool gift inside and share that special moment with someone close. Each Mixtape Wallet is more than just a wallet; it’s a portable archive of memories and fun. 🎁 (Stickers Sold Separately)

Designed in Brooklyn, CA
Fydelity, The Party's in the Bag!

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