70305: Audio Cassette Tapes |Blank for Recording C-60 Minute |10pcs Brick |Pewter CHROME

Cassette Tapes | Blank 60 Min 10-Pack | Pewter CHROME

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Press Play and listen to that tape sizzle, you know nothing beats a classic mixed tape straight from the heart. Fydelity’s retro flavoured style brings back some authentic 80’s inspired gear with our chrome plated blank 60-minute audio cassette tapes.
Create your own mixes for that special someone, complete with a custom j-card or represent your new punk rock, folk, hipster, emo, grunge, prog rock, alternative, classic rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop band with a limited-edition series for custom mixes for sale on your next tour.


Go analog, go old school. Make your own mixtapes or tape your favorite band. Give as a gift! (Brick of 5 x 60 minutes tabs in blank cassettes with J-Card and 2 stickers)

  • TAPE: 60 Minute Blank C-60 Normal Bias Audio Cassette Tape
  • BRICK:Â10 pcs Packed in a clear Norelco Case with J-Card and two pieces for customizable stickers.
  • COLOR: Groovy Metallic Gold Chrome Housing with metallic gold stickers and J-cards
  • MIXES: Whether you are up for a JUSTO Award or just looking to Master the Art of the Mixed Tape and make someone feel special with a custom mix tonight.
  • MAKE: Makers, Artists, Bands, MC’s, Rappers’, Rocker’s, Writers, make a great mixed tape and share it with the world. Makes a great gift for the aspiring musician or band in your life.

Customer Reviews

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Maxwell Archer
They're 50/50's

From my experience i got a ten pack and they looked great, no visible problems whatsoever, but my problem i had was that some tapes had louder white noise, too much bass no matter how you mixed the audio, or some turned out perfect, for these tapes to be solid for music recording they'd need chrome tape (type 2) which does have better range of sound than ferric tapes (type 1) but for now to me they're way too expensive for a 50/50 chance of how your recording will sound, so be careful with what you try to record onto these tapes

lindsey lewis
Quality Recording Mediocre BUT ok for testing

Its an ok product if you are new to cassettes like me. However After getting these and THEN doing more research and learning on Cassettes I've learned that these are very basic quality. They are Type 1 Cassettes. Which means they use Ferric Brown tape which is the poorest in terms of audio recording quality. Type 2 and Type 4 use different metal tape which picks up sounds better with less tape hiss. For a final product I'd like something that offers more audio quality. However I do find these useful for Test Recordings as for me, I only have a 2 head tape deck(Shoe Box Cassette Player) and so I'd have to record then play back the tape to hear how it sounds. Having these tapes does give me the chance to calibrate the final output of my music without having to waste it on the more expensive tapes you can find. Loudness of the songs, Bass/Treble, and Tape types all effect playback quality so keep this in mind if your goal is quality.

Travis George
Not worth price

Absolutely cheap garbage tapes. If all you’re doing is voice recording these are fine