70309: Audio Cassette Tapes |Blank for Recording C-60 Minute |10pcs Brick |Red Chrome

Cassette Tapes | Blank 60 Min 10-Pack | Red Chrome

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Press Play and listen to that tape sizzle, you know nothing beats a classic mixed tape straight from the heart. Fydelity’s retro flavoured style brings back some authentic 80’s inspired gear with our chrome plated blank 60-minute audio cassette tapes.
Create your own mixes for that special someone, complete with a custom j-card or represent your new punk rock, folk, hipster, emo, grunge, prog rock, alternative, classic rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop band with a limited-edition series for custom mixes for sale on your next tour.


Go analog, go old school. Make your own mixtapes or tape your favorite band. Give as a gift! (Brick of 5 x 60 minutes tabs in blank cassettes with J-Card and 2 stickers)

  • TAPE: 60 Minute Blank C-60 Normal Bias Audio Cassette Tape
  • BRICK:Â10 pcs Packed in a clear Norelco Case with J-Card and two pieces for customizable stickers.
  • COLOR: Groovy Metallic Gold Chrome Housing with metallic gold stickers and J-cards
  • MIXES: Whether you are up for a JUSTO Award or just looking to Master the Art of the Mixed Tape and make someone feel special with a custom mix tonight.
  • MAKE: Makers, Artists, Bands, MC’s, Rappers’, Rocker’s, Writers, make a great mixed tape and share it with the world. Makes a great gift for the aspiring musician or band in your life.

Customer Reviews

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camilo ramirez photographer
If it is just for voice recordings. not for music

It is a bad quality tape, but if you understand what are you getting, could work for you. for example, if you have a voice recorder or an old answering machine, ok, can do the job. but if you want to record hi quality music tapes, this not gonna work for you. The only type I that really makes a good job on music is the RTM 60, a lot way better than maxell, fuji , sony TYPE I. Type II, maxell, sony, fuji, TDK, all of them are great for music, because Type II has more frequency range, so you'll hear more detailed highs and more controlled bass. And if we are fair, this fidelity brand never say that they are good for music, or have hi fi tech, nothing, just normal bias type I cassette . The truth.

Adrienne van den Bogart
Thanks theoretische still manufactured.

Well, currently I'm buying loads of tapes, Just for the future. I won't be needing entree level Type I tapes anywhere soon, but these days will Come, as cobalt is not garantueed in sufficient supplie to manufacture Type II tapes. And Metal audio cassettes are too expensive. Another major problem in about the next 5 or 10 years will not only be a shortage of Hifi and High-End cassettedecks, but also of the People with the right experience to fix and tune them. But we're talking about these tapes here, attractively coloured, magnetic-dynamic not bad at all. Hence a generous 3 stars! Please note that I would give 4 stars to TDK SA and TDK SA-X, and 5 stars to TDK MA-X, all quite a bit more expensive (an understatement). So? Buy them without fear!

alwin mejias
Excelente sonido

Excelente producto

S. Anderson
Buy a real cassette brand like Maxell… but also don't freak out about the missing tabs

I just had to chime in here for the benefit of people who've bought these and are freaking out about how they can't be recorded on because the tabs are missing. First off… can't you tell these are crap just by looking at them? Anyway… you can very easily record on a cassette with the tabs broken off, just by covering the holes with a piece of tape. You're welcome. :P