70331: Audio Cassette Tapes |Blank for Recording C-30 Minute |10pcs Brick |WHITE

Cassette Tapes | Blank 30 Min 10-Pack | WHITE

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Press Play and listen to that tape sizzle, you know nothing beats a classic mixed tape straight from the heart. Fydelity’s retro flavoured style brings back some authentic 80’s inspired gear with our custom printed blank 30-minute audio cassette tapes.
Create your own mixes for that special someone, complete with a custom j-card or represent your new punk rock, folk, hipster, emo, grunge, prog rock, alternative, classic rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop band with a limited-edition series for custom mixes for sale on your next tour.


Go analog, go old school. Make your own mixtapes or tape your favorite band. Give as a gift! (Brick of 5 x 30 minutes tabs in blank cassettes with J-Card and 2 stickers)

  • TAPE: 30 Minute Blank C-30 Normal Bias Audio Cassette Tape
  • BRICK: 10 pcs Packed in a clear Norelco Case with J-Card and two pieces for customizable stickers.
  • COLOR: Groovy Metallic Gold Chrome Housing with metallic gold stickers and J-cards
  • MIXES: Whether you are up for a JUSTO Award or just looking to Master the Art of the Mixed Tape and make someone feel special with a custom mix tonight.
  • MAKE: Makers, Artists, Bands, MC’s, Rappers’, Rocker’s, Writers, make a great mixed tape and share it with the world. Makes a great gift for the aspiring musician or band in your life.

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Rose Marie Tilden
Great tapes

Recording music we sang