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Wrappers Delight! Introducing the Fydelity Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet – Your Ultimate Party Accessory

Need a spot for your stash 💵🔑🪪?
Wrap them on your wrist and forget about losing your goodies, even if you’re losing your mind. 🤯 The Fydelity Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet is the ultimate accessory for parties, festivals, and epic nights out. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • 🌍 Made from eco-funky recycled rPET from 100% post-consumer sources
  • 🔒 Extra-strong hook and loop closure for ultimate security
  • 💳 Secure hook and loop stash pocket for cards, ID, and keys
  • 💵 Wrap-around zipper pocket for cash and small items
  • 🤯 Hands-free convenience for all your adventures


  • 📏 Measures 10" x 4" flat
  • 💸 Wrap-around zip pocket for secure storage
  • 📥 Top-loading gusset pocket for easy access
  • 🔒 Adjustable, super-strong hook and loop closure
  • 🧦 Soft Terri cloth lining for added comfort

Hands-Free and Hella Secu

Slide on your Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet and let the good times roll. Whether you’re dancing all night, catching waves, or just vibing, all your essentials are locked and loaded on your wrist. Hands-free carry means you can focus on the fun, not your stuff.

Stylish, Secure, and Super Functional

Crafted from eco-funky recycled rPET, these wrist wallets are stylish and seriously functional. The Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet keeps your stash safe no matter what chaos you throw at it. 🤕

Lock It Down

Say goodbye to annoying closures. The Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet’s extra-strong hook and loop closure is super reliable and easy to use. Your valuables stay safe, sound, and always within reach.

Pocket Perfection

Cardholders, rejoice! The Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet features a strong, secure hook and loop stash pocket, perfect for your credit cards, ID, key, or any other small valuables. Your essentials are safe and stylishly at your fingertips.

Cash Stash

Got old-school flat cash? The Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet’s wrap-around zipper pocket is the plush haven for your cash and other fun extras. No more fumbling in a flamboyant fanny pack.

Ready to wrap, roll, and rock your wristwear game? The Fydelity Stash Wrap Wrist Wallet isn’t just an accessory; it’s a vibe. Level up your style and keep it hands-free with this killer wrist wallet. Get ready to wrap it up and live your best life!

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