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Fydelity Drops the Külzee™
The Coolest, Eco-Funkiest Insulated Beverage Holder Ever!

The Külzee™ Insulated Beverage Holder - a harmonious blend of eco-conscious design and practical functionality, the Külzee™ is set to redefine imbibement from a can. Sustainably savvy, Fydelity's latest creation, primarily crafted from 100% reclaimed rPET, ensures your sips stay cool and close, even when you're less than steady on your feet. Grab the handle and hold on like a stein or go for a reach around and never lose your grip.

 Funky Features to Flip Over:

 Grip It and Sip It
No more spills! The Külzee's™ no-drop handle keeps your drink attached to you, even when you're busting a move.

Chill Factor
With its insulated, water-resistant liner, your beverage remains as cool as a winter DJ set.

Clip and Rip
The handy carabiner clip lets you attach the Külzee™ to nearly anything - for those who'd rather not be holding stuff.

Universal Vibe
Can or bottle, the Külzee™ embraces it all. It's a one-size-fits-all at this party.

Color Poppin'
With over 24+ groovy colors and patterns, standing out is the new fitting in!

Stay Cool While Keeping Your Drink Cooler
The Külzee™: Your Ultimate Party Accessory - it's a trusty right-hand (or left) companion for your can, perfect for camping, overnight jaunts, music festivals, dance parties, beach trips, spring break, tailgating, BBQs, hikes, and more. Get your hands on one to grab a good time.


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